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UVA's Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities

A DH Certificate student shaking hands with a dean at Final Exercises

Why study DH at Virginia? 

Graduate students have been important members of the digital humanities community at the University of Virginia since the field’s inception in the 1990s.  As a global leader in the digital humanities, UVA's resources enable students to pursue humanities research with innovative technical approaches, including textual editing, databases and online projects recovering archives, community heritage, complex careers or movements, or multimedia artifacts; text mining; mapping; virtual and augmented reality; sound studies; AI or machine learning; social media; surveillance, data, and security; accessibility; and environmental humanities.  

Graduate students in humanities and related departments unite humanistic approaches with insight into the practical workings of the digital age, including collaboration, project management, and grant-funded projects. UVA's certificate prepares students to compete in a broad array of sophisticated, rewarding fields, including further graduate study, postdocs, tenure-track faculty positions, and “alt-ac” and library positions, as well as work in the tech sector, in publishing, and in media more generally. 

Certificate requirements are designed to be as flexible as possible so that you can complete your graduate degree on time. The twelve credits include only one specified course, Introduction to DH, offered each spring; two electives and a Practicum course (with required portfolio) have been successfully interwoven with the coursework and thesis or dissertation of students in many fields.

We recommend that you submit the brief Declaration of Intent to Apply as soon as you know that you want to pursue DH research, although it is also possible to enroll if you are mid-way through your graduate studies. (Application seasons in September and February.) In many cases, the existing coursework, workshops, RA-ships, and dissertation work of upper level graduate students already situate them as good candidates for the certificate.

Who enrolls in the DH Certificate?