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Digital Humanities at the University of Virginia


Members of the DH Executive Board

  • Francesca Fiorani, Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities
  • Archie Holmes, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Ron Hutchins, Vice President for Information Technology
  • John Unsworth, Dean of the Library and University Librarian

Members of the DH Steering Committee

  • John Unsworth, Dean of Libraries and University Librarian
  • Francesca Fiorani, Associate Dean for Arts and Humanities and Professor of Art
  • Alison Booth, Academic Director of Scholars’ Lab and Professor of English
  • Worthy Martin, Acting Director, Institute of Advanced Technology in the Humanities and Associate Professor of Computer Science
  • David Germano, Director of SHANTI and Professor of Religious Studies
  • Ron Hutchins, Vice President for Information Technology
  • Mark Saunders, Director of the University of Virginia Press
  • Rafael Alvarado, Research Faculty in the Data Science Institute
  • Amanda Visconti, Managing Director of Scholars’ Lab
  • Daniel Pitti, Director of Social Networks and Archival Context Cooperative, UVa Library
  • Rennie Mapp, Project Manager for Strategic DH Initiatives, Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and the Office of the Dean of Libraries

DH Certificate Faculty Advisory Committee

  • Alison Booth, chair
  • Jack Chen
  • Marlene Daut
  • Kevin Driscoll
  • Anne Garland Mahler
  • Suzanne Moomaw

DH@UVA Curriculum Development Team



DH Practitioners at UVA

For a full list of people involved in DH at the University of Virginia, visit our Practitioners page.