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Guidelines for Electives in History

Department contacts

Faculty liaison: Max Edelson

Grad student liaison: Swati Chawla

Options for History students seeking DH elective credit:

Option A: Designated DH Electives

  • HIST 5559: Digital History (spring 2018)
  • HIST 9024: Tutorial in Historical Digital Visualization (spring 2018)
  • HIST 9024 Tutorial in Historical Digital Visualization (fall 2019)

*Students may take DH Electives in other departments as long as History Department curriculum requirements are followed.

Option B: Independent DH Project within a Non-DH Course

This option allows students to take a course that does not have the DH designation but for which students complete a DH assignment.

  • Approval of the instructor and the DH administrative director is required. 
  • A memorandum of understanding between instructor and student is required (see our sample MoU linked here).
  • We have resources to help with this process, including the DH Project Guidelines below, as well as this handy checklist.

Option C: Independent Study

This option allows a student to create an independent DH project, either as a DH-focused dissertation chapter or as a separate undertaking. 

  • The instructor of record can be in any department. 
  • The student’s director of graduate studies and the DH administrative director must approve the project. 
  • the DH Project Guidelines below can also be helpful.

DH Project Guidelines for History

1.Identify a dataset (or datasets).


2. Select your research methodology.


3. Choose your tool, and learn how to use it.


4. Execute your project


5. Present or submit your project (for DH Certificate participants)