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Getting started with Digital Humanities

There are two ways that you can get started with DH research.

1. Enroll in UVa’s DH Certificate program.

Certificate requirements are designed to be as flexible as possible so that you can complete your graduate degree on time. We recommend that you enroll in the certificate program as soon as you know that you want to pursue DH research, although it is also possible to enroll if you are mid-way through your graduate studies. In many cases, the existing coursework, workshops, RA-ships, and dissertation work of upper level graduate students already situate them as good candidates for the certificate.

The certificate requires 12 credit hours including one core course, a practicum, and choose two electives. The two electives may be completed in one of the following formats:

  • A course from the list of pre-designated DH courses.
  • Take a course that is not a designated DH elective, but complete an assignment using digital methods. In this case, you will request approval from your professor and the DH Certificate Administrative Director, Rennie Mapp, using an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) form. You can also complete a digital project as an Independent Study elective.
  • An independent study (often a dissertation chapter) with a significant DH component.

For ideas on how to approach your assignments from a DH perspective, you can start with your department’s DH research guide. The certificate will be added to your transcript upon completion of the program.

2. Independently execute a DH project.

If you want to start a DH project (or include a DH component in a dissertation / research paper) without enrolling in the certificate program, then the resources below will help you get started.

  • Quick-start checklist for executing a DH project
  • Departmental DH Research Guides
    These vital step-by-step guides are each tailored to a specific humanities department. They explain how to execute DH research project from scratch, and highlight key DH resources at UVa that are specific to your department and field.
    • Architecture
    • Art
    • Archaeology
    • Classics
    • English
    • French
    • History
    • Spanish
  • DH Organizations at UVA
  • Tools and Resources List 
    This comprehensive list is currently under construction. Once complete, it will list online tools and resources that you can use to execute your DH project, separated by methodology (eg. Text Analysis tools, Visualization tools, etc.)
  • DH Events Calendar
    This calendar lists all of the DH related workshops, lectures, and talks across UVa.