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The Digital Orientalist's Virtual Workshop and Conference 2021

DHSI 2021: Open/Social/Digital Humanities Pedagogy, Training, and Mentorship

Constellate Introduction to Text Analytics July/August 2021

HCOMP 2021 Conference

CFP: Human Computation Conference 2021

DHSI International Round Table: "Different Cultures in Digital History"

Association for Documentary Editing: Virtual Conference 2021 "Representation and Recovery"

Employing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Cultural Institutions

[DHSI] Humanities Collections and Reference Resources

[DHSI] Chelsea Gardner: Women, Websites, and Wikipedia

[DHSI] Visions of Open: Digital Humanities and Archival Praxis

Twenty Years of Defending Digital Ownership

Archiving the Black Web 2021

'Uncovering Digital History’s forgotten roots: the work of the Association for History and Computing' with Gerben Zaagsma (Luxembourg)

The Web Archives Long View

Complicating the Whiteness of Digital Humanities: The Deep History of Black DH

Weingart: A Look Backward Through the Index of DH Conferences

XML/TEI Workshop with Dr. Alex Gil

Automation, Algorithms, and Bias, from Settler Colonialism through the Future of Auditing

Praxis Program Fellows' Final Presentation

[Virtual Talk] Kim Gallon on Homegoing: Transforming the Datafication of Black Death into the Recovery & Restoration of Black Humanity

Constellate Technical Webinar

3D Historical Building Information Model Talk - Bryan Clark Green

Symposium: Women E-Lit (Washington State University)

Digital Humanities Conference 2021: Discomfort

Book Release: The Digital Black Atlantic

European Summer Studies in Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School

Digital Humanities Summer Institute: 2021 Online Edition

Sharing Your Data For Transparent and Reproducible Research

Intro to LaTeX and Overleaf

Introduction to Python

Reproducible Analysis and Documentation with R and R Studio

CFP: Computational Humanities Research 2021 Conference

Behind the Scenes with One More Voice, a Digital Humanities Recovery Project from Victorian Studies

Python for Humanists workshop office hours with Jackie Huband

Panel on PhD Careers in Academic Administration

DH Certificate Portfolio Final Due

DH Certificate Portfolio Draft Due

Application to DH Certificate Program

Declaration of Intent to Apply

RBS-UVA Fellowship Program

UVA Digital Humanities Open House

CFP: Proposals for 2020 Garfinkel Award for DH Projects

CFP: Barnes Graduate Conference

School of Architecture PhD Talk - N. Katherine Hayles, "Addressing Space: Augmented, Enfolded and Exfolded Hybrid Models and Their Implications"

[Virtual Talk] Katina Rogers on Putting the Humanities Ph.D. to Work

DEADLINE: Admitted DH Certificate Students submit Student Progress Timeline to FAC

Announcement of DH Certificate Admitted Students

DEADLINE: Submit DH Certificate Application Materials

DEADLINE: Submit Declaration of Intent to Apply to DH Certificate Program

The Continuing Adventures of Garrik, Ron, and Germiona: Harry Potter Fanfic Across the Globe

CANCELLED: Workshop: All Research is About Stories: Connecting Your Academic Work to Public Conversations

CANCELLED: Katina Rogers on Putting the Humanities Ph.D. to Work

DH Project Scoping Panel

Feminist DH@UVA Symposium III: Gabriela Baeza Ventura, Carolina Villarroel, and Quinn Dombrowski

CANCELLED: Kendra Albert on the Silences of (Big) Data

Lunchtime Seminar with Katherine Bode

DH Mixer

Faculty Advisory Committee Advising Session II

Faculty Advisory Committee Advising Session I

Deadline: Portfolio Upload for DH Advising Sessions

Portfolio/Dossier Due for DH Certificate Students in Final Year

Seminar Lunch with James English

James English to lecture on "Bad Habits on Goodreads? Eclecticism vs. Genre Tribalism among Online Readers"

Portfolio Check Deadline for DH Certificate Final Year

Design Sprint with ITHAKA DH Workbench Development Team

Sonya Donaldson on Ephemeral Archives: Curating Black Knowledges in the Digital Age

LaDale Winling on Three Failures and Two Successes in Digital History

Lisa Rhody on Feminist Approaches to Text Analysis

DH Certificate Application Deadline

Katherine Bode Lecture/DH Grad Mixer

Deadline: Project Scoping Session at Scholars' Lab for Elective B students

Symposium: Towards a Charlottesville Cultural Landscape Atlas, hosted by the Center for Cultural Landscapes

Alex Gil Talk--Nimble Tents: xpmethod, #tornapart, and Other Tensile Approaches to the Fourth Estate