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Electives Fall 2019

HIST 9024 Tutorial in Historical Digital Visualization

Instructor: Max Edelson

The course is a practicum designed to introduce students to digital tools for historical visualization, with an emphasis on geospatial visualization. Students will learn to create sophisticated, data-driven visualizations using two UVa-developed platforms: MapScholar and VisualEyes. This year, we will work collaboratively to design and begin populating a new digital atlas featuring Native maps, broadly conceived, from around the world. What we build will form the core of the "Mapping Indigenous Worlds" project. This project links to two important initiatives on Grounds--the Mellon Global South Initiative and the Mellon Indigenous Arts Program--and will involve collaboration with curators from the Fralin Museum of Art as well as the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection. Readings will focus on global indigenous cartographies, Aboriginal art, map history, digital humanities, and visualization and design. Students from all fields of study are welcome and can focus their contributions on any relevant time or place in world history.  No specialized computing experience is necessary.