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Digital Humanities at the University of Virginia


Because UVA's DH certificate encourages students to enhance their scholarship using digital approaches, two departmental electives with a significant DH component are required. These courses may be in any field as long as they conform with the student's home-department requirements.  

Any combination of the following options may be used:

​Option A: Designated DH Elective   A course in the student’s home department or an outside department designated in advance by the DH committee as qualifying for the DH certificate. (See link to Option A Electives at left)

Option B: DH Project within a Non-DH Course   A course within the student's home department or another department that does not have the DH certificate designation but for which the student completes a DH assignment. Approval of the instructor and the DH administrative director is required.  A memorandum of understanding between instructor and student is required (see our sample MoU linked here)

Option C: Independent Study   An independent study with an instructor of record who agrees to oversee a DH project either in the student's home department or outside, with the permission of the student’s director of graduate studies and the DH administrative director.  This independent study can be structured around a DH-focused dissertation chapter.