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Digital Humanities at the University of Virginia

DH pedagogy support

We are developing resources at UVa and elsewhere to support faculty and graduate instructors as they explore DH pedagogy.  

DH@UVa will be a place to find--

  • a bibliography of DH pedagogy readings

  • links to DH projects that might add appropriate content to your course

  • data sets to explore and assign

  • modular frameworks that will help you integrate DH into an existing course

  • DH pedagogy events 

  • communities of practice

Current DH teaching landscape 

UVa digital humanists have developed a large set of specific digital humanities projects, resulting in models for further DH teaching as well as research.  Faculty from the literature and language departments, history, architecture, philosophy, religious studies, the humanistic social sciences, the Carter G. Woodson Institute, and the Data Science Institute plan to offer graduate courses based around their DH research, thus offering graduate students an unparalleled environment in which to assemble, analyze, showcase, and eventually teach their own subjects in transformative ways.

The DH certificate structure will enhance graduate recruitment and studies within the existing departments and schools—not only in Arts and Sciences, but also in Architecture, the Curry School of Education, and elsewhere. At the same time, DH practice promotes interdisciplinary interaction and preparation for varied careers and professions. Department advisors will have oversight of certificate students’ research plans, both in courses and in thesis and dissertation work, while the DH certificate administration will provide guidance and content based on the domain knowledge of DH practice here and around the world. Some humanities graduate students arrive at UVa with a high level of technical skills; for them, DH certificate work will encourage the implementation of their skills in ways that enhance their departmental program of study. For those students who are less technical but who aspire to make use of the transformative power of digital methods, the certificate program can open avenues to greater technical proficiency in the context of disciplinary pursuits. The DH certificate is structured to sit lightly on departmental requirements so that students can integrate DH work into their course of study without slowing time to completion.