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required course


other required work

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(Digital Studies)

5 courses

15 hours


Introduction to Digital Studies in the Arts and Humanities

6 credits; 2 courses (Allowed but not required)

  • 3-credit Praxis
  • 3 single-credit semesters of Colloquium (MITH 729)



2 courses

6 hours

Choice of one:

  • Spatial History (HIST 401A)
  • Literary Lab (ENG 303C)
  • Humanities + Design (CLASSICS 396, DLCL 396, HISTORY 336E)

3 credits;  1 course (Elective is subject to approval but departmental affiliation is not specified)

  • Project
  • Portfolio
  • Presentation at colloquium

Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA)


5 courses

15 hours

  • DH 201: Core Seminar in Digital Humanities (usually offered during the Fall quarter).
  • DH 299: Graduate Capstone Seminar (usually offered during the Spring quarter).

-- Three graduate-level electives, selected from list of approved courses. (Two of these three can overlap with the requirements for your department.)

Digital Research Portfolio

Digital Humanities Program, supported by “more than six core centers"


4 courses

12 hours

Introduction to Digital Humanities or Digital History; this requirement may currently be fulfilled by either:

-- ENGL 7370: Topics in Digital Humanities: Texts, Maps, Networks: Digital Literary Studies (3 SH) or

--*Fall 2015* HIST 7219: Digital History, CRN: 17451, Instructor: Professor Benjamin M. Schmidt (3 SH)

One DH elective from the list below (3-4 SH each):*

  • HIST 7XXX Humanities Data Analysis

  • DSSH 6301 Intro Computational Statistics

  • ENGL 7370 Topics in Digital Humanities: The Shape of Data in the Humanities

  • ARTG 5100 – Information Design Studio 1—Principles

  • CS 6120: Natural Language Processing

  • POLS G7334: Social Network Analysis

3 semesters of NULab Project Seminar (1 SH each semester, 3 SH total)

Final project--a final independent DH research project located in the student’s home program (such as a thesis, or a portion thereof) or participation in a collaborative DH project with substantial student participation. The final project will be overseen and evaluated by one member of the student’s home faculty and one member of NULab’s DH Certificate Committee or an approved NULab faculty member or Digital Scholarship Group member.



4 courses

12 hours

Two required courses:

  • ANTH/ENGL/HIST/MODL 946: Interdisciplinary Reading Seminar in Digital Humanities.
  • HIST/ENGL 872: Digital Humanities Practicum.

The remaining six credit hours may be drawn from courses approved by the Certificate Program's Adviser.

Occasionally, students may request that they be allowed to waive a requirement for a course in the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate program because they have met the requirement through work experience, another course, or the like

Center for Digital Research in the Humanities

Michigan State

3 courses

9 hours

  • Digital Humanities Seminar
  • Digital Humanities Pedagogy


-- Digital Humanities Experience (3 credits) To complete the certificate, students must engage in a DH-related project, or  participate in a Digital Humanities project with MATRIX, WIDE, DHLC, or complete the Cultural Heritage Informatics Fieldschool or Cultural Heritage Informatics Fellows Program. Other options: completion of a DH portfolio, work as a HASTAC scholar, etc.

Digital Humanities Program, College of Arts and Letters


5 courses

= 20 NYU points

  • Introduction to Programming (4 points)
  • Working with Data (4 points)
  • Web Development (4 points)

2 courses

Students enrolled in the certificate are awarded Scholarship. Strong involvement from CS department

Program in Digital Humanities and Social Science