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Apply for the DH Certificate


If you are interested in the Graduate Certificate for Digital Humanities, you'll need to submit an application form.

For more information about the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities, visit the Certificate homepage.

When should I apply?

You do not need to be absolutely certain that you will complete a DH Certificate in order to apply. In fact, we encourage you to submit this application early in your graduate career. If you are a terminal MA student, you must submit your application before entering your final semester at the university (around December 1 for a May graduation). If you are a PhD student, you should submit your application before entering your final semester of coursework (though we recommend doing so even earlier). 

The Application

Before you fill out the application form linked below, you should collect the following:

  1. one-page statement of your purpose in applying for the DH Certificate, including how you expect that DH approaches will enhance your scholarship and what you hope to achieve in your DH certificate work
  2. A pdf of your transcript (unofficial is fine)
  3. Your curriculum vitae, specifying any relevant experience or skills; none required.
  4. Your advisor's name and email address
  5. Information about your department and your year in your graduate program
  6. At the time of application to the DH certificate program, doctoral students are also expected to submit a plan approved by their DGS for completing the certificate requirements within the standard candidacy deadline and graded credit requirements for their program

After you have collected these items, click here for a link to the application form.  

Still not sure?

For questions and information about your fit for the DH certificate program, contact Administrative Director Rennie Mapp by emailing