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About DH@UVA

DH@UVa is a networked, partially crowdsourced website that offers a point of entry to the digital humanities organizations, people, projects, and events at the University of Virginia. 

  • For information about graduate study in the digital humanities, please see the DH Certificate.

  • For information about the two organizations whose primary work is in the digital humanities, see the organizations page.

  • If you're curious about definitions of DH, see a collaboratively authored definition here.  

Later versions of this site will visualize the networks of people, methods, courses, and organizations that coalesce around various DH practices at UVa.

Rennie Mapp is the product owner and architect for this site.  Please contact her with questions and suggestions at


This site is made possible through the generosity of the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology.  The CACS group at ITS, headed by Lauren Moriarty, designed and built it in Drupal with indispensible consultation from Rafael Alvarado of the Data Science Institute.  Patricia Searl of the UVa Press also acted as expert consultant.  Laura Miller of Scholars' Lab, Sarah Wells of IATH, and John Alexander of SHANTI provide invaluable assistance in their capacity as members of the UVa DH Communications Committee.