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The Tibetan and Himalayan Library

The Tibetan and Himalayan Library consists of a broad array of collaborating individuals, institutions, and communities. Its overall development is guided by an international advisory board consisting of prominent scholars, librarians, technologists, and community leaders in the field of Tibetan and Himalayan Studies from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, geographical/cultural foci, and institutional bases. In addition, there are a variety of editorial boards responsible for more hands-on design and content development in specific structural components of THL. In addition, THL’s structural components are populated by scores of individual projects with their own administration ranging from a single participant to a large team of participants.

While the content is the result of many institutions and individuals, the underlying technical infrastructure is supported at the University of Virginia with support from the University of Virginia’s Library, the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, SHANTI, and ITC. Specific technical initiatives are also supported by a small but very talented group of volunteer technologists who have played a crucial role in the development of THL. We would also make special note of THL’s technical collaboration with Tibet University’s Engineering School and the Bhutan Ministry of Information and Communication.