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The mission of SHANTI (Sciences, Humanities and Arts Network of Technological Initiatives) is to promote a culture of innovation and excellence in humanities, sciences and arts within the academic life of the University of Virginia. Members of the UVA community should be able to progress toward these goals without having to become technical experts.  SHANTI is supporting that objective in four focused areas:

1. The Mandala Project

SHANTI’s Mandala Framework is a suite of  interconnected digital applications supporting the creation and dissemination of scholarly content on the Web. Based upon the Drupal content management system, it allows scholars across from the spectrum – from the Luddite to expert user – to easily store, structure, visualize, network, and publish scholarly content without special grants or programming assistance.

  1. Store:  to upload, store, describe, interrelate, and present rich media in small to large collections (texts, photos, audio-video)

  2. Structure: to create easy structured data of any type in the form of online spreadsheets requiring minimal training

  3. Visualize: to creatively analyze and visualize that data in profoundly interactive ways – maps, charts, timelines, networks, slide-shows, videos, and dynamic interactive combinations.

  4. Network: to describe the basic constituents of human culture – agents, places, events, topics – in structured and networked ways.

  5. Publish: to deploy all of the above within the context of an overall framework allowing rapid creation of multimedia essays which can be fluidly combined and recombined in diverse ways with each other and all of the above content.

2. UVa Community Tools and Platforms

The UVa Knowledge Base and Community Tools work in coordination to support scholarly innovation that embraces the latest developments in digital technologies. The Advanced Technology Group of ITS, the UVa Library and other UVa partners aligned with SHANTI have developed a plan to support academics through tools that have been integrated into UVaCollab: WordPress, Confluence, NowComment and Kaltura.

Please refer to the UVa Knowledge Base for further info.

3.  The UVa Knowledge Base

Stuck? Want to share your new insights? Go to, where you will find a user-driven, community-based repository of documentation written by and for UVa people. Just sign in using your UVa computing ID to solve your problems and contribute your solutions.

4. SHANTI Consultations

Interested in scheduling a consultation about using SHANTI supported digital tools in your teaching or research? Click here, to contact us.


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