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IATH Technologist Lauren Massari Offers Innovative Methods for 3D Data Processing

IATH and UVa Library Technologist present on 3D Data at CAA 2017

IATH’s Multimedia Designer, Lauren Massari, gave a presentation on “Challenges in Processing, Delivering, and Archiving Large Amounts of 3D Data” at CAA's 2017 conference in Atlanta, GA. The presentation focused on 3D data gathered through laser scanning and photogrammetry about culture heritage sites at and near UVa, by an interdisciplinary group at the IATH and the UVa Library. The discussion centered on methods for making this data accessible and usable in the future. Co-authors included Shayne Brandon from IATH, William Rourke and Jama Courtney from the Digital Media Lab, and Chip German from the UVa Academic Preservation Trust.

Massari has worked on digital reconstructions for several IATH projects, including 3D models of UVa's Academic Village for the Jefferson’s University: the Early Life) project, digital restorations of President James Madison’s home for the Digital Montpelier Project, and models exploring aural architecture for Soundscape